About Jo Lina Boutique

Owner of Jo Lina Boutique

A Twin Mama On A Mission

Thanks for choosing JoLina Boutique! We are an east-coast based company carrying affordable clothing and hand-made jewelry. As a mother of twins, I started this clothing boutique so I could spend more time with my children, while promoting my love of fashion from the comfort of my home. JoLina gives me the opportunity to support my passions—family and personal style.

At JoLina Boutique, you’ll find super-soft leggings for any occasion. We have patterns that show off your style, celebrate each holiday or special events (like a birthday or bridal party) or support your favorite sports team. We also offer an array of solid colors for everyday wear. Solid black leggings are the new “little black dress.” Every girl needs one, or two or three!

 You can dress these leggings up for a night out so you can look chic but remain comfortable, or you can dress them down to run errands are lounge and relax at home.

JoLina Leggings are extra soft, and never see-through. Our leggings are brushed once, which gives them a buttery-soft feel. Because they are brushed just once, they are less prone to tears and rips like other similar leggings (that are brushed twice). Leggings brushed twice are more prone to ripping because the fibers have been pulled at before you even get to wear them.

JoLina Leggings are more durable than the average leggings. Our leggings are 220 gsm, while much of the competition are 180 gsm. Our leggings are stronger than the rest!

Like a good pair of jeans, when you find the perfect pair of leggings that flatter you and are long-lasting, you’ll want to stock up. JoLina Leggings are made with you in mind and will flatter each body type and last year many years to come.

While you’re at it, check out our hand-made and personalized jewelry to go with your leggings to complete your outfit.

In addition to our online boutique, you can find at us various local events and pop-up locations. Be sure to check our event calendar if you don’t want to wait to be shipped your new wardrobe additions!

Interested in featuring a specific design or collection in your store, please contact us www.jolinaboutique.com/wholesale wholesale@jolinaboutique.com

JoLina Leggings gives back too! We are happy to partner with anyone interested in hosting a charity or fundraiser event with us. Please contact us for more information, we’d love to help support your cause!