Frequently Asked Questions

Why are JoLina leggings so soft?

Our leggings are made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex and brushed one.  This means that our leggings are extra soft.


Why are JoLina Leggings so durable?

Nobody wants a pair of see-through leggings, or leggings that quickly rip at the knees, or anywhere else!  Our fabric is 220 gsm. Most other products on the market use 180gsm, which means they are thinner than JoLina Leggings.  They can become see-through and even rip. JoLina leggings are thicker and so they are more durable while still being soft and breathable.


What sizes do you offer in leggings?

We offer leggings in many sizes.

Kid sizes:

  • Toddler (12months-2T)
  • Kids S/M (2-6)
  • Kids L/XL (8-12)
  • Tween (14/16 or adult 00/0) 

Adult sizes;

  • One Size (0-12)
  • Curvy (12-22)

Many of our designs also come with a three inch yoga waist band.


Do you have a store?

JoLina is an on-line business.  As a Mom with twins, I’m constantly on the go so it is easier to manage my company as an e-commerce business, however if you check the events page  you can see different events I will be at throughout the year.  Feel free to email us if you have events in your area that you would like us to possibly attend.


Do you go to local events?

I am at many local craft fairs, community events, women’s expos and the like.  Check out our calendar of events and stop by.